About Us

Hi I'm Cindy l am the creator and founder of Doggy Stuff.

I started making our gourmet dog biscuits in 2006 for my beautiful furbaby his name is Bad (RIP bueautiful boy he passed away in 2010 aged 11 years) he loved our biscuits. I now have 2 furbabies that love our biscuits and their Doggy Stuff shop.

You will not find any other biscuits like these. They are all lovingly and individually made by hand no machinces used.     They contain NO ADDED colours, preservatives or sugars.

Our biscuits are sold in our store and on our website. We also supply to specially selected shops that are independently owned and do not sell animals.  

We opened a Doggy Stuff store in 2008. We sell everything you need for your furbabies.        

WE DO NOT SELL ANY ANIMALS. We believe in rescuing animals that need loving and safe homes.

We offer honest and friendly advice straight from the heart and our own experiences. Good old fashioned customer service.

The business is  family owned and operated and we genuinely care about animals.

I make the biscuits and run Doggy Stuff because it is my passion and l love it. It makes me happy when l give joy to a dog when he gets a treat, a new toy or a cosy bed etc. My life revolves around my dogs they are my everything my furbabies.

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About Us

We are a Pet Shop with a difference!

We are dog lovers ourselves and have 2 very well loved dogs. We wouldn't sell anything that we wouldn't use on our own dogs.