Canny Collar size 5
Canny Collar size 5
Canny Collar size 5

Canny Collar size 5 neck size 43-48cm

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Canny Collar size 5 Neck size 43-48cm The Canny Collar is a simple dog training collar designed to stop pulling on the lead and make walking your dog a pleasure. Comfortable, kind, safe and effective, its revolutionary 'behind-the-head' design makes it easy to fit and simple to use, transforming even the worst pullers into happy, well-behaved pets. No wonder the UK Pet Product Retail Association voted it 'Best New Product' shortly after it was launched. As the Canny Collar clips to your dog's lead behind the head rather than under the chin, this means it will not ride up into your dog's eyes nor yank his head to one side. It is generously padded for comfort and the single piece of material over your dog's nose allows him to breathe freely, open his mouth and enjoy his walk as much as you both want him to. Used and recommended by organisations such as the RSPCA and The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, the Canny Collar is everything you are looking for when wishing to humanely train your dog to walk on a loose lead. Breed Size Akita 5 or 6 Beagle 3 Bearded Collie 4 Border Collie 3 or 4 Boxer 4 or 5 Bullmastiff 5 or 6 Cocker Spaniel 3 Dalmatian 4 Doberman 3 or 4 German Shepherd 4 or 5 Golden Retriever 4 to 6 Great Dane 6 or 7 King Charles Cavalier 1 Labrador Retriever 4 or 5 Mastiff - large 7 Newfoundland Colossus Rhodesian Ridgeback 4 or 5 Rottweiler 5 or 6 Springer Spaniel 3 Staffordshire Bull Terrier 3 or 4 St Bernard Colossus Terrier - Jack Russell, Westie etc 1 or 2

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