Kangaroo Tubes 100g

Kangaroo Tubes 100g

Price: $9.95

Kangaroo Tubes Dog Treats

The kangaroo ‘Roo Tubes’ treats are all-natural and healthy dog treats made from only Australian kangaroo tracheas (windpipe).

Firstly, they are a single-ingredient product containing:

  • No preservatives or additives
  • Rich in omega 3 (which can reduce inflammation, particularly for older dogs)
  • Low in fat (only 2%!)

Secondly, these treats are dehydrated to maintain all of the great nutritional value. Like the Moo Tubes, the Roo Tubes treats can be eaten as they are, or stuffed with ground meat for their dinner. Or even stuffed with blended fruit and vegetables.

They are a crunchy treat and easily broken up.

In conclusion – Dogs love them, no matter how they eat them!

Product of Australia

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