Biscuits Bones Ginger and Cinnamon x 10

Biscuits Bones Ginger and Cinnamon x 10

Price: $8.50

Giner & Cinnamon  bone biscuits. The dogs absolutely love them

Ingredients Wheat flour,  spices & molasses

No added Flavours, Colours, Preservatives or sugars.

All lovingly hand made by me. No machines used. I weigh, mix & cut all biscuits by hand.

Biscuits are always fresh and tasty as they are NOT mass produced and stored for months.

When you purchase these biscuits for your furbabies, you are supporting a Australian owned business that cares about your dogs.

We all have the same passion and that is we love our furbabies and want the best for them.

About Us

We are a Pet Shop with a difference!

We are dog lovers ourselves and have 2 very well loved dogs. We wouldn't sell anything that we wouldn't use on our own dogs.