Rogz Da Bone large

Rogz Da Bone large

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The ROGZ DaBone is designed for your dog's teeth and to build up strength in their jaw.
Features of DaBone:
* Chew Toy: Designed for dog’s teeth and to build up strength in their jaws.
* Bounce and Fetch Toy:  Soft enough not to hurt your dog’s teeth, but firm enought to bounce!
* Treat:  Push treats into the hole and watch your dog have hours of fun!
* Bite-o-Meter - 4 - Hard

Certain colours not always available. We will do our best to supply the colour you want.

Small: 95mm (4")
Medium: 140mm (6")
Large: 210mm (8")
COLOURS: Blue;  Red;  Orange;  Pink;  Lime

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