Roo Stick

Roo Stick

Price: $2.50

Kangaroo Stick Dog treats (australian)

 This VERY popular dog treat is made from up to 85% (Kangaroo & chicken) meat in Victoria. Added to the meat is wheat, vitamins and minerals and a tiny amount of food grade colour and preservative.  

They are a soft stick that are easily broken off into any length of stick you need.

If you are tired of messy, non meat treats, then why not try one of the healthiest, most popular kangaroo dog treats on the market!


Ingredients: Kangaroo and chicken Meat ONLY (total 85% meat), wheat, salt, sugar, potassium sorbate (preservative); colour (124).

This dog ROO treat is a mixture of two meats (roo & chicken) to assist with binding during processing & palatability. Only roo jerky is 100% kangaroo meat.

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